AdBlue Premium 205 Litre Drum

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"Discover the Power of Caltex AdBlue at Country Suspensions!

Revolutionize your vehicle's performance and environmental impact with Caltex AdBlue, now available at Country Suspensions. Engineered to meet the stringent requirements of modern diesel engines, Caltex AdBlue ensures optimal efficiency while reducing harmful emissions.

Why Choose Caltex AdBlue?

  1. Superior Quality: Manufactured by Caltex, a trusted name in the industry, our AdBlue solution guarantees top-notch quality and performance for your vehicle.

  2. Environmental Responsibility: With Caltex AdBlue, you're not just improving your vehicle's performance; you're also contributing to a cleaner environment by significantly reducing nitrogen oxide emissions.

  3. Engine Protection: Designed to work seamlessly with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems, Caltex AdBlue safeguards your engine, ensuring longevity and reliability mile after mile.

  4. Easy to Use: Our AdBlue solution is conveniently packaged and easy to handle, making refills a breeze for both personal and commercial vehicle owners.

  5. Peace of Mind: Trust in the expertise of Caltex and Country Suspensions to provide you with the highest quality AdBlue solution, backed by our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Don't compromise on performance or environmental responsibility. Upgrade to Caltex AdBlue today and experience the difference! Visit Country Suspensions online or in-store to get your supply now.

For superior vehicle performance and reduced emissions, choose Caltex AdBlue at Country Suspensions. Shop now!"

AdBlue® is produced by combining highly purified urea with ultra pure demineralised water under clean, controlled conditions. AdBlue® works with all Selective Catalyst Reduction systems (SCR) to significantly reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) content in diesel engine exhaust streams.


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Country Suspensions are superb. Excellent service and flexibility for breakdowns and parts. As a novice in machinery, they have been extremely helpful in identifying part numbers!


Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Their service is amazing and they always find what im looking for and have it on hand when I need it. Five stars all the way :-)

Simon edmonds

The best service in Town. the staff know their stuff!


We encountered a warranty issue that Craig efficiently resolved, maintaining communication throughout the process. The replacement of the part was quick and hassle-free.